When do we have to show ID?

I was writing a response to a FAQ at flexyourrights.org that asks
“When do I have to show ID?” The airport section of what I wrote starts
like this:

TSA airport regulations state that everyone is free to fly without ID if they’ll undergo a more extensive physical search, but because this regulation is secret, some airport officials don’t believe it exists.

That sentence struck me — because it sounds like a typical conspiracy theory line, but in our case it’s literally true.

One Response to “When do we have to show ID?”

  1. Phil M Says:

    Flex Your Rights Foundation\’s FAQ states:

    \”7. When do I have to show ID?

    \”This is a tricky issue. As a general principle, citizens who are minding their own business are not obligated to \”show their papers\” to police. In fact, there is no law requiring citizens to carry identification of any kind.

    \”Nonetheless, carrying an ID is required when you’re driving or flying. Driving without a license is a crime, and no one is allowed to board an airplane without first presenting an ID. These requirements have been upheld on the premise that individuals who prefer not to carry ID can choose not to drive or fly.\”

    This is incorrect. I recently received a letter from TSA confirming that showing ID at airports is optional. The Kansas City Star recently published an article about this.

    I have e-mailed the Flex Your Rights Foundation about this twice (several months ago and again a few days ago), but have yet to receive a response.